1. Keynote presentation on “Career Planning”

     – Mr. Musharrof Hossain

2. Round table discussion on “Current job market & upcoming market demand”

     – Dr. Abdus Sobhan – Moderator

Due to global pandemic situation duly created by COVID19 private sectors are bit facing crisis in their sales market in home and abroad. Particularly our export market are dominating by foreign buyer specially European & American market those are severally affected by COVID19 resulted to reduced their buying power due to constant lock down in the respective countries. So job market has been reducing as a logical sequence as well. As a growing country Bangladesh is mostly dependent on the foreign currency earning through Man power export and Goods export particularly RMG export, on which our foreign currency reserve, and import bills payment mostly dependent and our employment as well. Since our export market and man power export were affected by the on-going COVID19 situation so our employment is also affected directly.

During the year 2020 and 2021 was severely affected by COVID19 in our manufacturing sector, so everybody were busy to survive without further expansion rather trying to improve their efficiency for to ensure their minimum profit. Meantime European and American Government is successfully ensured Vaccine for their citizens and hope, by this year they will be complete the vaccination to go back normal life. We hope, their normal life will ensure their natural movement in their home and abroad which will enable us to get more volume for sales and export. Since last couple of years we were passing without any expansion in our manufacturing sector even no BMRE so global market will bound us to expand our production capacity, sales & export turnover but without further BMRE/expansion this challenge should not be faced. All these parameter shows that employment market will be expanded soon as a logical sequence of the current scenario. Like a expected growing country Bangladeshi job market will be a good opportunity for employee and employers as well.

3. Presentation on “The Top Ten Employability Skills for This Decade and Beyond”

     – Mr. Jishu Tarafder (www.corporatecoach.com.bd)

We are all living in the world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA). In order to survive and thrive in this ever changing VUCA world we need to develop and apply an array of employability skills that will always keep us relevant and help us achieve excellence. While we need to develop a solid base of hard skills, we also need to develop a strong foundation of soft skills. In this two-day long workshop the top ten clusters of soft employability skills will be discussed. These skills have been carefully handpicked to cater the employability demands of the current decade and beyond.

Following competency standards will be discussed during the learning session:

1. Emotional Intelligence & Relationship Management
2. Purposeful Communication & Networking
3. Analytical Thinking & Decision Making
4. Creativity & Innovation
5. Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
6. People Management & Leadership
7. Collaboration & Teamwork
8. Service Orientation & Customer Service
9. Negotiation & Conflict Management
10. Persuasion & Salesmanship

4. Presentation on “Leadership Capacity”

     – Mr. Ezajur Rahman (Leadership capacity)

5. Presentation on The Top Ten Employability Skills for This Decade and Beyond

     – Mr. Jishu Tarafder

6. Discussion on “Emotional intelligence in the interview session”

     – Professor Moinuddin Chowdhury

7. Presentation on “Competency Framework for MID level Job Seekers”

     – Mr. Abir & M. Shabbir Ali